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Summer Makeup Tips To Get Natural Glow



When summer comes, it changes the whole routine and life style including clothes, food, and makeup for women of all ages. People want to spend more time on beaches and in parks to feel good. Specifically discussion about the Summer Make up, it needs lot of attention to feel light and good in the hot weather. It must be natural and cool in looks. Following are some basic summer makeup tips to get good makeup in the summer season.

When it comes to add beauty, colors, joy, happiness, liveliness in life, simply Makeup comes in mind. There are different makeup tips vary according to the region, norms, and culture. But in summers the makeup totally takes change as there is more oil produced in the summer season.

There are few summer makeup tips for you to make you more comfortable. Do apply sunscreen in the summer containing SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from Ultraviolet Rays.



Best Summer Makeup Tips

Here are listed summer makeup tips; by taking few measurements you can make longer your makeup for your required time in the hot weather.


Cleansing; key for Summer Makeup

It is the foremost tip to be followed for Summer Make up. As it will clear the dirt and excessive oil form the skin. Gently cleanse for 5 minutes then wash out.

Summer Makeup Tips To Get Natural Glow

Concealer and Foundation

Avoid liquid foundations because it contains ingredients that can lead your skin towards oiliness. You should go for powder foundation or concealer to fix your spots or any freckle on the face. And remember it should be compatible with your skin tone and blend it well and gently.


                  Apply Concealer and Foundation

Lively Colors

Donít use heavy colors in Summer Make up; try out light and fresh colors for the eye makeup and for lip as well. You can use bronze color to cheeks and contouring of the specific features like nose, chin, and forehead. It will give you good look in the summer.



                   Colorful Spring Makeup Tips


Use powder eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner or eye pencil it will keep you more natural and soft look. And try a thin and soft line at your eyes because sharp eyeliner can give you weird looks in the summer.

Classic Winged Eyeliner


Most of the women apply gloss in the summer season which is definitely not giving them good look. Try to apply light and natural colors, and use invisible lip liner. Choose that lipstick for Summer Make up containing SPF to keep away from your lips from harmful rays of Sun. you can choose colors like light pink or peach.



                        How to Apply Lipsticks

Eye Makeup

The most important feature of the face that more attention should be given. There must be light eye make for the eyes to give them more natural looks with water proof mascara. You can use brown color instead of black. No need to apply heavy coat of mascara and be natural as avoiding fake eye lash.



                               How to Apply Eye Makeup



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