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Pakistani, Indian and Italian Recipes
Delicious dishes and different types of cooking recipes.

Textile Industries and Garments Information
Information about textile and other manufactures like Textiles, Sports Goods, Fabrics, Surgical Instruments, Garments, Hosiery, Jewellery, Leather Garments, Auto Parts, Bed Sheets, Ceramics, Computer Software, Tobacco, Cotton, Vehicles, Electrical Goods and more.

Entertainment Magazine
Entertainment Magazine in Urdu, in this magazine you will found jokes, computer tips, Islam, Urdu news, funny SMS, funny pictures, Urdu recipes, ringing tones. Urdu Poetry, Urdu jokes, Naats, Urdu stories and more...

Urdu Stories point
Urdu poetry, latest news, beauty tips in Urdu, Urdu Stories.
IT solution
Fun Point
Here you read jokes, poetry and Urdu novels.
Online Islamic Information
Read Islamic information about Ramadan, Roza, Hajj, Zakat, and read solution of your problems. Read kalmay islamic stories and more.....


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Hajj and Umrah information


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Information About Hajj Umrah

Information About Ramazan, Zakat



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